Essential Nutrients To Have In Your Body

There are many nutrients in our body, and there are a couple that are essential for our body to function.  Essential nutrients are nutrients that your body cannot make up on its own which means you need to intake it.  These nutrients include carbohydrates, fat, minerals, protein, vitamins and water.

Carbohydrates are what gives your body and brain energy.  We need carbs in order for our body to function.  Carbs comes in all different foods including breads and grains.  A common misconception is that there are no carbs in fruits or vegetables.  In fact, a great source of carbs do come from fruits and starchy vegetables.

Another energy source for our bodies is fat.  There are healthy fats and unhealthy fats.  Healthy fats include nuts, fish and avocado, foods rich in omega-3 fats.

Minerals are also an essential nutrient.  Many nutrients we think of like sodium, iron, and calcium are all minerals.  Our body needs sodium to maintain the function of our body’s cells.  We need iron in our body because it carries oxygen throughout our body.  That’s why when someone has an iron deficiency, they’re often tired or have a lack of energy.  To combat iron deficiency, check out the liquid form of iron supplement.  Another important mineral we need is calcium.  Calcium keeps our bones and teeth strong, so we’re able to munch on meats and other hard to chew foods.  It’s important to always intake enough calcium so the bones can properly support your body.

foodOur body also needs protein to function.  Protein helps build and repair our body tissue.  Good foods that have a lot of protein include dairy, eggs, chicken and other low-fat meats.

When we think of nutrients we need, we often think of vitamins.  Vitamins are necessary for a number of different things.  Vitamin C helps provide structure to our blood, bones and ligaments.  Vitamin D helps to equal out the calcium in our bodies.

Last but not least, we have water.  Many people don’t think of water when it comes to essential nutrients.  However, water may be the most important factor.  Without water, our body definitely cannot survive for very long.  Water helps our bodies transport all the nutrients to the cells.  It also help our body get rid of the waste and bacteria from everything we intake.  You should always be aware of how much water you consume.  Most people don’t consume enough.

So there you have it.  A comprehensive list of all the essential nutrients your body needs to survive and be healthy.  Remember, there are many people who suffer from deficiencies of these nutrients.  The most common is lack of iron.  However, there are supplements that you can take to combat these deficiencies.  If you’re not a big fan of supplements, the alternative to iron supplements or other nutrient supplements can be found.  If you’re suffering extreme fatigue, insomnia, or anything else, you may have a deficiency.  Contact your doctor for more information.  Remember, you are the only one who can keep your body at its best.