How to Help Your Children Become Better Writers

Some people are born with a love of writing and language, while others develop those through practice and feedback. If your child gravitates towards English and displays a natural interest in writing, that is a wonderful asset. Even if they don’t pursue writing as a career, a solid grasp of language will benefit them in almost any vocation and give them a real edge over the competition. People may be proficient with a computer, but that doesn’t automatically mean they know how to write. In fact, increasingly these days, it is often just the opposite.

If your child is struggling with their language studies, don’t worry, there is still hope. In addition to tutoring, here are some things you can do on your end to help them become better writers:

Make Writing a Family Activity

Children consider homework to be a burden, but if you can make writing into something everyone does, then that can help to lift the curse. In addition to helping them with their writing, demonstrate that writing is something that you like to do yourself. If a child sees you writing on a regular basis, that can raise their curiosity and make them more interested in learning how to do what their parents enjoy.

Be Helpful and Encouraging

These go without saying when working with your children, but are particularly useful with writing. Even if the child’s work has notable problems, point out the positive aspects and then offer constructive criticism on how the rest could be better.

Writing Activities

Children won’t be interested in writing if their work only consists of school assignments. Encourage them to write letters or birthday cards to family members and friends, party invitations for their friends, writing lists, etc. Making writing both fun and second nature will help to cultivate a love for it.