Signs That You May Be Experiencing Depression



It is normal to be sad on the occasion, but it is not healthy you find yourself in this state day after day. However, millions of people do find themselves in the grip of sadness and when this is a common part of your life, it is known as depression.

Have you been feeling quite down lately? You might have depression. If you exhibit any of the following signs, make an appointment with a therapist to talk about your situation.

Loss of Interest

Do you have hobbies or other pursuits that usually bring you joy in life, but they are of less and less interest to you?

Loss of Energy

Are you normally a person with a lot of get up and go, but lately, you have been feeling tired and unmotivated? Are you sleeping more or suffering a loss of energy from an inability to get a good night’s sleep?

Extreme Anger

Do you find yourself getting mad over things that would normally not bother you? Or are you getting excessively angry over situations that would usually only cause mild annoyance?

Worry and Anxiety

It is normal to have some degree of worry and anxiety in our lives, but do you find yourself constantly getting worried about what could happen in the future? Do you obsess over past mistakes?

Relying on Distractions

There is nothing wrong with having an occasional drink, but excessive amounts of alcohol are signs of a problem or an attempt to avoid coping with one. Drug use can also indicate a desperate need to escape from reality.

Do not feel ashamed if you have identified any of the above behaviors as something you are currently doing. There should never be any shame associated with mental health challenges and don’t forget that you are not alone in this struggle. Good luck!