What You Need for a Picnic at the Beach

Picnics are an age-old family tradition. It can be quite relaxing and enjoyable to eat outdoors, and a picnic is a great way to bring friends and family together.

People often have picnics in parks, but you can also enjoy them at the beach (another bonus for this location: far less chance of being invaded by ants!). Sounds like a great idea? Here are some tips on what you will need:

Avoid Foods That Can Spoil in the Heat

A quick rule of thumb here: avoid bringing anything that needs refrigeration at all times. You can always put these in a cooler, however.

Bring Fun Foods

Eating healthy is important, but doing so all of the time can be a drag. Picnics are meant to be fun occasions, so be sure to bring some chips, cheezies, and chocolate to help balance off the healthier items. It can’t hurt to break the rules once in a while, especially if you have kids with you.

Prepare for Sun Exposure

You will be out of doors for sometime, so make sure that everyone has a hat and sunscreen. An outdoor umbrella will also help to cut down on the excess UV rays and assist in keeping everyone comfortable.

Bring Water

Nothing wrong with bringing a variety of beverages, but make sure you also include water to help keep everyone properly hydrated. For extra coolness, you can freeze the bottles of water before you leave.


Unless you are only bringing food that can be eaten by hand, make sure you have all of the utensils you will need. That includes extras, like bottle openers and a hand-operated can opener. Include some napkins and wet naps as well.

Be sure to also bring along a frisbee, football, or something else you can easily have fun with after your feast. Enjoy!