Beating Your Smartphone Addiction

Do you use your smartphone on a regular basis? If you own one, that is most likely the case. In fact, the average person uses their phone anywhere from 80-100 times a day. If that sounds impossible to you, chances are that your phone use is so common, you honestly don’t realize just how often you are looking.

Smartphones can be incredibly handy for communication and research, but let’s face it, they also encourage a great deal of extraneous activity that does little to advance our knowledge or improve our performance. If anything, smartphones can do major damage to us in these areas.

Want to reduce your phone time? Try these tips:

Gradually Cut Back

Quitting any addiction cold turkey rarely works, so the best plan is to gradually cut back. Figure out how much time you spend using the phone each day, and then reduce that by 15 minutes. A few days later, increase that to 30 minutes. Work your way up to the amount you want to spend each day. Don’t be afraid to take a few weeks getting there.

Put Your Phone Away

If you cannot even have the phone in front of you, put it away in another room (turn off the ringer so you don’t hear it). Should that not work, ask someone else to keep it for you for a certain amount of time each day.

Leave Your Phone Behind

If you find yourself unable to be in the moment and enjoy certain group activities because of your phone, leave it behind. Chances are, if something comes up, someone else in your party will have a phone that you can use.

Engage in More Activities

Some people look repeatedly at their phones because they are bored. If you fall into that category, consider filling up your day with pursuits that you find engaging and rewarding. Chances are you will have both less time and less of a need to use your phone.